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RCCS has helped me to understand that addiction is a disease. I now have hope that it's possible to live a full life in recovery.  

Expressive therapy

Relapse prevention

Anger management

Evening programS

Cognitive skills training

Individualized treatment

Individual family therapy

On-site mental health diagnostic assessments

The Day One Approach was created by Paul Kustermann to address the specific challenges and needs of our clients. The approach follows four evidenced-based principles of the "What Works" philosophy.

Risk Principle

  • Target higher risk clients.

Need Principle

  • Target criminogenic risk and need factors.

Treatment Principle

  • Use behaviorally focused approaches.

Fidelity Principle

  • Implement program as desired.

Applying the principles of the Day One Approach provides a programmatic road map that allows RCCS staff to better serve the needs of the people we serve. The Day One Approach is integrated with all RCCS intensive outpatient programs.

Career education

Job seeking assistance & direct placement options

Recovery coaching

for graduates

Financial education

Family groups

Community integration skills

case management

Men’s supportive housing

Women’s supportive housing

On-site mental health therapy

Gender specific programming

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Rule 25 assessments 


community service

THE DAY ONE Approach

the integrated Day One Approach