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welcome families!

Are group activities held at different locations?

Yes.  Clients are encouraged to bring a supportive family member, friend or sponsor to family group.  Please check with RCCS staff for more information and to get questions answered.

can clients see families during treatment?

Yes!  Family night is a supportive time for family members or friends to join in and support the people they love. RCCS staff is always available to answer questions about the timing of family contact. 

What about RCCS graduation ceremonies?

RCCS Graduation ceremonies are an important part of our clients’ recovery and healing process.  Family, friends, and supportive people are welcome to attend and join the celebration for graduates.

Families are very important to our clients and to the RCCS staff.  Throughout treatment, families can participate in a variety of ways. Being supportive of loved ones in treatment is a key factor in helping people to get well and to make the challenging transition back into the family and community.  There are many scheduled events that families can attend.  Please check with RCCS staff for more information.



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