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We believe that all individuals possess the ability to make positive life changes and contribute to the good in their communities. The success of our clients defines our success.  We put the good of our clients first!

By ​Paul Kustermann, FOUNDER

My passion for helping people to transition effectively from the criminal justice system started over 30 years ago. As a law enforcement professional, I’ve served in the US Army, as a police officer, and as an assistant superintendent of the United Nations prison facility in Pristina, Kosovo. I’ve witnessed the impact of negative programs on those who break the law. RCCS provides sober housing and community-based programs in the Twin Cities. Our substance abuse treatment programs are innovative with evidenced-based interventions and approaches to rehabilitation. Restoration Counseling & Community Services, LLC serves clients throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.      

Every person who serves time in prison is faced with making the tough transition from being incarcerated to rebuilding their lives. This transition can be tough. Often, there are substance use issues that make it even more difficult. To make a successful transition requires a lot of daily support. RCCS offers substance use treatment programs in Minneapolis and St. Paul. RCCS takes an integrated approach to serving our clients and this can make all the difference!

Restoration Counseling & Community Services, Llc in Minneapolis

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Restoration Counseling & Community Services, LLC (RCCS) seeks to become an industry leader. We provide clients with comprehensive, community based programming, aimed at breaking the cycle of relapse and recidivism.

RCCS Mission

Restoration Counseling & Community Services, LLC (RCCS) is dedicated to providing proven community-based programming for individuals transitioning from the criminal justice system back into their communities.

We recognize the inherent dignity in every human being... that all individuals can make positive life changes and contribute to the good of their communities.