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March 2017

RCCS opened its own urinalysis lab! This means that we will be running our own presumptive drug screenings. We will continue our strong partnership with Millenium, who will still conduct our definitive tests. We will be able to work more cohesively with our partners in corrections, as we'll own the rights to our results and can share them freely. The added benefit is that we'll have next day results compared to a 72-hour turnaround time.

staff awards

​We recognize and applaud the following RCCS staff members as winners of the First Annual Employee Awards. These awards are voted on by fellow peers, making them even more meaningful. Congratulations!

Employee of the Year: Gina Towle

Rookie of the Year: Matt Ritcey

GEM: Lawrence Irving and Ray Coakley (tie)

Excellency: Sharon Garcia

Resiliency: Shelly Kuiper

Integrity: Amanda Thomas

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Paul Kustermann, CEO

 ​​​​​​​The minneapolis program doubled!

January 2017

RCCS opened its largest location serving male clients

on 3805 N. Washington Ave., Minneapolis. This move allows the company to serve 130 men who are seeking to break the chains of addiction and criminal thinking. Previously we operated out of two buildings in the Camden neighborhood. Being in one space increases clinical oversight and helps to better serve our clients! Additionally, our Women's Outpatient program was also able to double women served, as it has transitioned into one of the buildings that used to be occupied by the Men's Outpatient program. It is now able to serve up to 35 women.

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new kid on the block award

​March 2017

RCCS was nominated as a finalist for the St. Paul Business Awards for the New Kid on the Block Award! While another worthy organization ended up winning, we were honored to be nominated for our first full year in the North End of St. Paul. Click here for more information surrounding the award.

rccs to host 4th annual "JUMP FOR RECOVERY"

JUNE 21, 2017

Celebrate sobriety at new heights! Restoration Counseling and Community Services is putting on its 4th annual "Jump for Recovery" event on Wednesday, June 21st in Baldwin, WI. We're partnering with Skydive Twin Cities for a fun event to celebrate sobriety and would love to see you there! Discounted pricing available. DJ all day! Must be 18 years old or older. Must be under 240 lbs. and be in good health. Photo ID required. Jumps start at 9 AM and go through 5 PM. To sign up call 715-684-3416 (mention RCCS) or use this link https://bookings.burblesoft.com/index/416/103

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