​​Helping Our Clients Make Positive Life Changes

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Melanie Heu

Jennie Smith

Co-Occurring MI/CD Program Manager

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new"  - Socrates

IT Director

Nate Kalkwarf

Jennifer Miller

Chief Executive Officer

"I have 42 years of experience in addiction, community corrections and mental health treatment. I have over 20 years of innovative leadership experience. 

Since assuming the role of CEO at RCCS in 2018, it has been my great joy to work with a team of professionals who are excited to expand our services.  Together, we are committed to our vision to be more excellent at delivering care using best practices methods while driving positive outcomes with RCCS clients. 

I am determined to continue to take RCCS to new levels, as well as strive to become an industry leader.  Moving forward, RCCS will continue to learn more, grow more, and succeed in new ways -- helping our clients make positive life choices.

As CEO, I get to inspire leadership in others. When I see our clients work hard to build their new lives, I see our whole team working together to support the courage it takes for people to make positive life changes and begin a life in recovery."

"RCCS clients deserve the best. I have the privilege of being able to brag about our rock star team and program on a daily basis."

Shelly Kuiper

MA, LADC, Clinical Supervisor

"I believe that change is a beautiful and necessary process. Yet, it also can be an uncomfortable one. I do this work because it means I get to see people step toward the unknown and step up to their potential.  I feel lucky to be on our admissions team, where I witness the courage, conviction, and resilience of each person who walks through our doors."

BS, LADC, Clinical Supervisor​
"A good leader understands the importance of guiding, teaching, and inspiring others to do their best. My job as a Clinical Supervisor is to provide training, manage and assist the clinical team.  I strive to be a role model so that the clients are given the chance to reach their full potential."

RCCS leadership Team

Anita Boos

LICSW, LADC, Clinical Director

BS, MBA, Director of Business Development

Nick Young

Robin McKernan

Jeb Bird

LADC Supervisor

"I have the honor and privilege of being a part of a team that is committed to helping our client's step into the light of who they were created to be; becoming positive, self-supporting and contributing members of their families and our communities.  It's like having season tickets to the greatest show on earth."

Alicia Johnson

LADC Supervisor

"Having the opportunity to serve Clients at one of their most vulnerable times is truly an honor. I hope to help each Client find their true worth. Being a clinical supervisor has given me the opportunity to work with an amazing team and help them to feel confident in their skills as a provider."

Chief Compliance Officer

"Integrity is of the utmost importance to me, and I am proud to have the responsibility of keeping our company untarnished! Our clients deserve a program with the highest standards for care. This ensures the great work we do will continue to change lives."

Carlye  Kussard

MBA, Chief Operating Officer

"My job is to coordinate the people and resources it takes to provide this valuable service to our clients, and to accommodate the growth of RCCS. I'm inspired by the talented staff at RCCS, their passion for serving clients, and dedication to their profession."