​​Helping Our Clients Make Positive Life Changes

MAIN #: 612-767-6601


ST. PAUL MEN'S FAX:  651-489-0184
MPLS. MEN'S / WOMEN'S FAX:  612-767-9832

ADMINistrative Team

Our talented and dedicated administrative team members are the heartbeat of daily life at RCCS. They take care of all the details that keep our clients, our staff, and our mission moving forward!  


RCCS staff are the reason our mission and vision can come to life. Without one area, we wouldn't be able to complete the critical work we do!

Being witness to the power of change in our clients is an awe-inspiring and humbling experience. Our clients deserve the best and our job at RCCS is to give it to them.

Clinical Team

RCCS employs a diverse team of industry professionals including PhD's, an MD, and Bachelor and Masters level therapists.

leadership Team

Our visionary leadership team has over 100 years of collective leadership experience. They provide leadership to fulfill the mission, vision, and objectives of RCCS.

Program Team

Our program team is the backbone of RCCS. They provide support and encouragement to our clients on a daily basis. They provide transportation services, maintain our facilities, manage the front desks, and help coordinate valuable outside resources for our clients.

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