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DOC case managers hold vital keys to a successful transition -- especially when there is collaboration between all parties of the transition team. Case managers provide an array of services to assist individuals and families to cope with the challenges of building new lives. Together, the clients, case managers, and RCCS formulate the plan to connect to valuable community resources and services for each client.


RCCS does a great job providing ongoing support for clients. I like to refer inmates who are soon to be released to RCCS, because they really understand what it takes to start over.




RCCS works exclusively with clients who struggle with criminal thinking and addiction. Due to this, we work very collaboratively with the Department of Corrections and inmates who are in the process of transitioning to life beyond prison. We also work with those who are struggling in a community setting to stay clean and stay out of jail.  

Our commitment to this population means that we do not exclude admissions based on any criminal or sexual offense. Our lodging options only exclude Level 3 sex offenders based on their proximity of schools. 

RCCS has developed strong relationships with outstanding community partners. These collaborative relationships provide access to important transitional services that provide holistic care for our clients. Some of these partnerships include: on-site MNSure navigation, medical care, mental health, MAT therapy, general assistance, food stamps, work opportunities, and more. We pride ourselves in being a collaborative community partner that keeps all shareholders in mind! 

RCCS works closely with probation officers and our clients. The Day One Approach model in our adult intensive outpatient programs provides critical support and accountability for our clients. The collaborative team approach with our clients, probation officers, and RCCS increases the chances of making healthy life choices.

To better understand what to expect when entering an RCCS program, our "COMING TO TREATMENT" document is a great resource.

Interested in learning a little more about what RCCS has to offer? Check out this video that was created exclusively with successful alumni of the program!