​​Helping Our Clients Make Positive Life Changes



DOC case managers hold vital keys to a successful transition -- especially when there is collaboration between all parties of the transition team.  Case managers provide an array of services to assist individuals and families to cope with the challenges of building new lives.  Together, the clients, case managers, and RCCS formulate the plan to connect to valuable community resources and services for each client.

RCCS does a great job providing ongoing support for clients. I like to refer inmates who are soon to be released to RCCS because they really understand what it takes to start over.




RCCS works collaboratively with the Department of Corrections and those inmates who are in the process of transitioning to life beyond prison. RCCS is a collaborative community partner that keeps all shareholders in mind. Our focus is on creating a successful transition from the institution to the community.

One of the great challenges for newly released inmates is avoiding the return to substance abuse and crime. RCCS provides access to programs, supportive housing, and services based on the Day One Program model.  

RCCS has developed strong relationships with outstanding community partners. These collaborative relationships provide access to important transitional services that provide holistic care for our clients.

RCCS works closely with probation officers and our clients.  The Day One approach model in our adult intensive outpatient programs provides critical support and accountability for our clients.  The collaborative team approach with our clients, probation officers, and RCCS increases the chances of making healthy life choices.