We’re here to help!

Here to make the process as easy as we can. There are several ways that you can access our admission team with questions, or completed referrals.


Depending upon where your client is coming from, there are a couple different items needed

Transferring from another treatment program


Please provide the following documents:

  • Rule 25 used to access your program
  • Treatment progress note discussing transfer/continuing treatment plan
  • Insurance or funding source used for your facility
  • Contact information for follow up on the client

Client who is not currently enrolled in treatment


Please provide the following documents:

  • Completed Rule 25
  • Submitted funding information for client

What if I don't
have a
Rule 25 completed?


If you're looking for RCCS to assist with a Rule 25, we're happy to help!

Please call 612-767-6601 or e-mail Rule25@rccsdayone.net to schedule an appointment with our team.

Our Rule 25 Coordinator will be able to answer any questions you have regarding the process!

Please ask your client to call 612-767-6601 to schedule a Rule 25 with our staff. If your client is in a county jail please contact us directly at the same number.

Please have your client sign a release of information (ROI) and complete the RCCS Screening sheet.


Upon completion, please e-mail or scan the following documents: ROI, screening sheet, PRT packet, and HRU note (if applicable) to: Rule25@rccsdayone.net or 612-767-9832 (attention Rule 25 team). Based on staffing, we will come out to assess your client once we have two inmates lined up.